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I'm New Here

I'm New Here

Welcome to Christ Community! We anticipated you might have a few questions. Read below to find out the answers to some of those questions. If you have more questions please fell free to browse through more of our site or contact us and we will be more than glad to answer any more questions you may have.


1. How do I get to Christ Community?

From US-75 North
1) Take the ramp onto US-75 South
2) Take Exit 23 toward Spring Valley Rd.
3) Merge onto US-75 service road
4) Turn left onto W. Spring Valley Rd.
5) Continue onto Centennial Blvd., travel about 1 mile
6) Turn Left on Bowser Rd.
7) Turn Left into Christ Community parking lot

From US-75 South
1) Take the ramp onto US-75 North
2) Take exit 23 toward Spring Valley Rd.
3) Merge onto US-75 service road
4) Turn right onto W. Spring Valley Rd.
5) Continue onto Centennial Blvd., travel about 1 mile
6) Turn Left on Bowser Rd.
7) Turn Left into Christ Community parking lot

2. Where do I go when I get there?


A = Main Sanctuary Entrance

B = Children's Wing Entrance (Where you can drop off your children ages 18 months to 12 years), located next to our playground.

3. What should I expect?

Our style of music is contemporary...
We have a praise band and praise team that leads us in worship each Sunday. We sing contemporary songs but we also throw in a traditional song or two to keep a blend of the old and new.

Our teaching is relevant...
We offer Biblical teaching that deals with real everyday life. The message will be based on the Bible, and Pastor Autry will often include interesting quotes from contemporary people, the latest news stories, or movies.

Our services last about 1 hour and 20 minutes…
We’ll ask you to complete a "Connection Card" so Pastor Autry or our members can follow up with you after visiting with us. We usually have more music and then Pastor Autry will speak for about 30 to 40 minutes. After Pastor Autry completes his message, he invites people to become followers of Jesus Christ. If you have time, Pastor Autry would love to meet you after service. 

4. Where do my kids or teens go?

Children’s church is for children between the ages of 18 months and 12 years and is held on the east side of the church (location B on the map above).  Parents can check in children ages eighteen months to three years upstairs in room 204 and children ages four to 12 years downstairs at the security desk. If needed, a greeter or children's worker will gladly escort you and your child(ren) to children's church from the Main Foyer. 

Teens (7th-12th Grade)
Teens are invited to Teen Church on 1st, 3rd, and 4th Sundays. Teens are dismissed during service, immediately following the praise and worship period. At the 9:00am service, teen church meets in our Library. At the 11am service, teen church meets in our Lecture Hall next to the east church entrance. If needed, a greeter or youth worker will gladly escort a teen to teen church from the Main Foyer. 

5. What should I wear? 
When you visit Christ Community, you will discover that our dress is casual and comfortable. Please don’t buy anything special to worship with us. Whether you prefer formal, business, or casual attire, chances are there will be others dressed much like you, no matter when you visit. We want you to feel welcome and accepted for who you are, and Sunday mornings are not meant to be a fashion show!

6. How can I become a member of Christ Community?    

Thank you for asking!  After the sermon is preached during Sunday morning services, either our Senior Pastor or an Associate Minister will extend a verbal invitation to anyone interested in accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and then to anyone interested in becoming a member of Christ Community.  You can respond to this invitation right then in one of two ways:

A.  Walk down the Aisle.  When everyone stands up and the Praise Team starts singing, that's your cue to slip out of your seat and walk down either aisle to the front of the Church.  Our Greeters will be waiting to welcome you and will escort you (and your family, if applicable) to our Hospitality Suite right next to the Sanctuary.  There, they will speak with you about accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior or becoming a member of Christ Community.  We NEVER will require you to speak before the congregation.

B.  Complete a "Connection Card."  If you'd rather not walk down the aisle during the invitation, that's fine too!  You also can respond to the invitation in service by picking up a "Connection Card" (located in the seat pocket in front of you) and checking the box stating that you are interested in accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and/or checking the box stating you're interested in becoming a member of Christ Community.  Then place your Card in the offering plate when it passes by and someone from our church will retrieve the card and contact you by telephone during the week.

Call or E-Mail.  Finally, if you don't want to wait until Sunday morning services, then call us at 972.991.0200, x-3, or e-mail us at nextsteps@ccrichardson.org - and we will contact you!


7. What should I do if your parking lot is full at your 11:00am service?

So glad you asked!  First, be assured we have seats for you inside!  Our parking lot fills up before our sanctuary does.  That said, we have two remedies to accommodate parking for all those desiring to attend Christ Community:

a. Check out our first service at 9:00 am!  There tends to be more parking available at the church for this service, and we'd love to see you there.

b. You can park on the streets surrounding the church.


8. What happens during the week at Christ Community?

Worship 9am, 11am
Children’s and Youth Church                    9am, 11am
Next Steps Classes (3rd Saturdays)   10:00am-12:30pm
Communion  Every 3rd Sunday
Baptisms Every 4th Sunday
Adult Bible Study (Lecture Hall) 7:30pm
Children's Bible Study 7:30pm 
Youth Bible Study 7:30pm
Praise Team Rehearsal                    7:00pm
Other Events & Ministries Check out our
  Events Tab!



Sunday Worship

8:45 and 11:00am

701 E. Centennial Blvd.

Richardson, TX 75081