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Wednesday, April 4, 2012 7:59 AM

Day 3 - Church Wide Serving

Wednesday, April 4, 2012 7:59 AM
Wednesday, April 4, 2012 7:59 AM

Wednesday (April 4th)
Topic: Church Wide Serving

1. Serving Dinner at New Friends/New Life

Preston Rd. Church of Christ
6409 Preston Rd.
Dallas TX
(Sponsored by Women and youth ministries)

2. Serving at The Plaza at Richardson Nursing Home

1301 Richardson Dr.
Richardson, TX 75080

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Today I served with the members of Christ Community at The Plaza at Richardson Nursing Home. We sang hymns, served cake and ice cream, enjoyed fellowship with the residents and heard a sermon about the inheritance that we all have through Jesus Christ.

This may sound cliche, but the experience blessed me as much as it did the residents, if not more. I had an opportunity to chat with two lovely women; Francis and Betty. While Betty was shy about sharing her age, Francis was proud to declare that she is 97 years young...and she didn't look nearly that age. We chatted about how they have been roommates for three weeks (since Francis moved in) and how it works well since neither of them live a wild and crazy life; although it was said that Betty can get a little lively. :-) We discussed how wonderful it is to know the Lord and Francis shared how family and faith has enriched her life for many years; she spoke with a visible peace and contentment.

While there were other enjoyable interactions with residents and Christ Community members throughout the visit (like with one resident who was the hallelujah section and got his praise on), I will always remember the gratitude expressed by Francis and Betty and the blessing of connecting with them and being reminded that our similarities are greater than our differences. There is a savior for everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity or social standing. I walked away thinking how awesome it is that a person can be in a nursing home or in a wheel chair and still walk with God...and have a joy that surpasses understanding.

Thanks for this awesome experience!

Posted on Wed, Apr 4, 2012 @ 10:12 PM CST

Carlton Thomas

I'm careful not to say too much. However, my comments were placed for today instead of yesterday so I want to place them here. Just and addition: T'was a spiritually enlightening sharing experience. We were shared with as much if not more than we shared. I am spiritually thrilled that those who are living at a nursing home have not retired from life! There was much life in that place. It was obvious that those who live there just need to be around others who have life as well. I share with one resident who said she will be 104 years old soon and she still has life! How good our God is!

Posted on Thu, Apr 5, 2012 @ 10:28 AM CST

Autumn Zevely

I would like to start off with a BIG thank you for your service, love, time, and talents. I believe God was glorified and the women received Him through the ministry. The dinner was amazing and the women felt the love! You could see it on their faces! So thank you!!!

Christie, thank you for taking time off to cook the ham, turkey, dressing, gravy, deviled eggs........ Thank you Ms Pat for your green beans..... Ms Dietra, thank you for the corn, and Ms Tineil, thank you for the desserts! You all did amazing! Thank you Alex for helping with the transport! It was very helpful! Those hams and turkeys are HEAVY! And Darlene, thank you for coming in early and getting the drinks done RIGHT! 

Thank you to all who came and served, cleaned up and loved on the women! You are all very much appreciated! And they truly appreciate you!

Our next dinner is August 1st. We don't have the menu planned as of yet, but this ministry is in need of more volunteers for the cooking and transport. It is too much for one person to do and take off work every time. Soooo, if you work from home, are stay at home spouse/parent, retired or have time you can take off work, AND can cook.... WE NEED YOU! Please contact me for more details. 214-477-9801. 


Psalm 34:22 But the Lord will redeem those who serve him.
      No one who takes refuge in him will be condemned.

Posted on Thu, Apr 5, 2012 @ 9:53 PM CST

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