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Thursday, March 1, 2012 7:41 AM

Compassion Week - Step 1: Awareness

Thursday, March 1, 2012 7:41 AM
Thursday, March 1, 2012 7:41 AM

So many times, we forget that the world is bigger than the four walls we live behind. We forget that Jesus himself was not immune to life's issues. He still managed to help others and leave a life-changing impact on lives. In our effort to become life-long followers of Jesus Christ we can do no less.

Now the question is: How do we begin? Well…step one is to become aware of what’s going on in our community. During the week of April 2-7 Christ Community will be hosting Compassion Week. Compassion Week is our celebration of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus, who gave his life for our salvation, to extend grace and compassion to us all. Just as the Good Samaritan was moved with compassion, Jesus extended compassion to us (Luke 10:33). Likewise, we celebrate the Easter resurrection by extending the compassion to others. During that week we will have a different prayer focus and/or activity for each day. We ask that you read, fast and pray over each topic as the Holy Spirit leads you. Then share your reflections and insights on our blog. 

We sincerely hope you will be blessed and inspired throughout Compassion Week. It is our hope and prayer that any one of these topics will enhance your awareness of what is going on outside our community and how the love, grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ is needed in our world today. 

Check back with us to see the topics and prayer focuses for Compassion Week and to see other organizations you may wish to connect with.

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